April 01, 2020Project

StockTrot is a project I started in 2015.

It felt like a more or less simple idea at the time. Create an email alert system for Form 4 Insider Transactions on the stock market.

Months of working late into the night later I had a database full of millions of historic transactions and a functional website.

I had so much data collected about transactions as well as the companies and corporate insiders involved that it made sense to create a UI that showed this information in an interesting way. I started digging into the data and dreaming up different ways to compare and make sense of the transactions.

Soon enough, I created a premium version that allowed access to some of the statistical calculations that StockTrot is generating and more sophisticated email alerts that contain extra context.

Like most of my projects, StockTrot was designed and built with the minimal human intervention needed. As an example, all of the "Tweetable Insights" on StockTrot are computer generated. To date it's generated over 500,000 of these. There's no way I was going to write those myself!

Eventually I got busy with demanding client work and didn't have the mental energy to keep the progress going. While I hadn't been making many changes during this period, organic traffic kept growing. 2020 is a new year and StockTrot will be seeing some changes soon!

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